Getting to know Dr. Louis Core

Dr. Louis Core
Dr. Louis Core

Many of you already know Dr. Core, and have for a long time.  But we wanted to let you get to know his personal side, so we sat down, and asked him a few questions.  Here are his answers:

What made you decide to become a dentist?

I pretty much grew up in a dental office, with my father being a dentist and all.  At college, I had decided to major in mechanical engineering, but quickly found out that was not my true calling.  I wanted to interact with people, and help people.  I didn’t really see me doing that with an engineering degree.  I thought back to the days when I was working in a dental office, and loved it so much, that dentistry just seemed like a natural choice for me.

Where did you attend school, and how long have you been practicing?

I received my undergraduate degree right here at Arizona State, and then went on to dental school at Northwestern University.  I have been in practice since 1996.

What is one thing you find most satisfying about being a dentist?

I really enjoy the human interaction that comes with being a dentist.  You get to meet and help so many different people, which makes everyday a new experience.  The toddlers that I was seeing when I first started practicing are graduating high school, and going to college.  The teenagers have already been through college, and are now starting their own families.  The stories that are shared during their appointments with me, that is what I find most satisfying.

What does the MAGD mean after your name, and how did you achieve it?

MAGD stands for “Master of the Academy of General Dentistry”.  It’s a masters program for dentists.  It first involves becoming a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry.  I order to achieve that level, I had to attend 500 hours of continuing education in all of the different areas of dentistry, and then pass the written exam.  After becoming a Fellow, the Master’s program involves another 600 hours of education, with most of that being hands-on courses, honing the skills it takes for me to be the best dentist that I can be.

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