A Dental Office’s Best Friend : Healthy Halloween Candy Alternatives


It’s pretty safe to say that Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year for children.  What other time of year do they get to dress up in costume, carve pumpkins, put up spooky decorations, and of course get lots and lots of candy?

Candy seems to be on everyone’s mind this time of year.  You can’t walk into a grocery store without seeing aisles upon aisles of every different type of candy imaginable.  While candy, in moderation, is fine for our children, we wanted to give you some alternatives that are healthier than the norm, and some that are fun to make at home with the kids.

The first alternative that comes to mind, not only are healthier than candy, but they keep our kids safe when they are out there trick-or-treating as well.


These glow stick bracelets glow in the dark, so children are easily seen by cars and other pedestrians on Halloween night.  The safety of our children is paramount over everything else, especially candy.

Another alternative that is actually edible, and we recommend are yogurt covered raisins.


These raisins contain a lot less sugar than regular candy, and do have fruit hiding in there somewhere.  Children love these because they taste like candy, and you’ll love them because they are healthier for them.

One more alternative to the mountains of sugar-filled candy available, would be these xylitol lollipops, which we actually give to the children that come to our office.


They come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors.  We love them because they contain no sugar at all, and we get the tooth-shaped lollipops, which are fun for the kids.

If you’re not into the whole candy thing, you could always have your children help you make Halloween themed popcorn balls, or toasted pumpkin seeds, which are both healthier candy alternatives.

We hope that you all have a safe and happy Halloween night, and don’t forget to schedule your children for cleaning appointments after they enjoy the spoils of trick-or-treating.

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