Smiles For Life Campaign 2015

We were very lucky this year to work closely with the Smiles For Life Foundation to help raise money for children’s charities across the country, while at the same time raising money locally for the Louis and Elizabeth Sands Boys and Girls Club of Glendale.

The Smiles For Life Foundation came to us this year and asked if we would like to participate in this year’s Smiles For Life campaign. It was such a great cause that we couldn’t say no. the foundation works closely with UltraDent, a dental supply company. UltraDent supplied all of the materials, free of charge, for us to fabricate whitening trays for our patients.  This allowed us to take donations from our patients for the whitening trays, with 100% of the proceeds going to charity.

We ran the promotion for 3 months earlier this year, and during those three months, we were able to raise a little over $3000 for the charities. Half of those proceeds went to charities that the Smiles For Life Foundation work with across the country, but the other half stayed right here in our local community, and we were able to donate those funds to the Boys and Girls Club right around the corner from the office.

We are so grateful that our patients are such giving people, because without them, this outcome would not have been possible, and we look forward to participating in the Smiles For Life campaign again next year!

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