Soak The Doc Campaign

Whew! Monsoon season in Phoenix is a tough time to keep cool. Here we are mired in triple-digit temperatures, and if that isn’t enough, the humidity has finally shown up. To put it nicely, it is miserable outside right now. So much so, in fact, that the dentists here at Legacy Dental Group, Dr. Louis Core and Dr. Julie Brann, have agreed to participate in our ‘Soak The Doc’ campaign.

The ‘Soak The Doc’ Campaign is something new that we are doing this summer. We knew that our docs were laid back and fun, so we asked them to participate, and they took it and ran with it. So what the campaign is, is this:

When you are here for your appointment,

A drop in the bucket.

all you have to do is take a selfie. It can be just of yourself, or with  one of our great team members, and then tag our location and post it to one of your social media accounts with the hashtag #branncorewaterwar. Each time a patient posts a photo, we get to add a drop to the bucket, and once the bucket is full, we get to soak the docs! To add a little incentive to the campaign, Dr. Core went out and got a $100 Visa gift card, and once the bucket is full, we will randomly be picking a winner for the gift card.

One problem we are having is exactly how we are going to soak the docs, and this is where you guys come in. How should we soak the docs? Super Soakers? Water balloons? Ice Buckets over the head? Nothing is off limits, and we could use some suggestions. Comment below about how you would like to see us soak the docs, and the best idea will get to watch our docs get soaked in the manner they suggested!

Stay tuned or pictures and videos of the event. I know that all of us here are looking forward to it!

Whiten Your Smile and Help A Child

We here at Legacy Dental Group are proud and very excited to partner with a couple of very deserving charities in these upcoming months.  We are joining the Smiles For Life campaign which raises money for seriously ill, disabled, and underprivileged children in our local community and around the world. All the money that is raised will be split 50/50 between the Smiles For Life Foundation and the Glendale Chapter of the Boys and Girls Club.

The Smiles For Life Foundation is the children’s charity arm of the Crown Council. Ultradent (the makers of the Boost In-Office Whitening and the Opalescence Take Home Trays) donates ALL of the teeth whitening supplies, and we donate our time to whiten teeth during the Smiles For Life campaign. Together, we can offer professional teeth whitening services at substantially reduced prices (donations) with 100% OF THE PROCEEDS GOING TO THE FOUNDATION TO HELP CHILDREN’S CHARITIES.

Since 1998 the Smiles For Life Foundation has raised over $33 million, benefiting hundreds of children’s charities. When you pay for your teeth whitening, the proceeds go directly to the Smiles For Life Foundation, not to our practice. Fifty percent of the donations are earmarked for our local charity partner, the Glendale Chapter of the Boys and Girls Club, and the balance goes to the Smiles For Life Foundation to be distributed to worthy and approved children’s charities across the U.S., Canada, and worldwide. Participating children’s charities include Children’s Miracle Network, Children of Romania, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, CURE (in Cambodia), and the Kids Cancer Care Foundation.

Whether you choose to have your own smile whitened of not, you can make a huge difference for seriously ill and underserved children around the world by simply SHARING THIS OPPORTUNITY WITH YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY MEMBERS, AND COWORKERS ON FACEBOOK! And we’ve made it easy! Simply click here to become a fan of our Facebook Page-then share this message with all of YOUR friends on Facebook! So, even if you can’t help with your own teeth whitening appointment, you can make it possible for others to help because of your efforts.

Now is the time! If you have additional questions, or would like to book your appointment to have your teeth professionally whitened, and help support children’s charities in our community and around the world, give our office a call at 602-993-4200. We would be happy to help!

New Referral Reward System!

It’s an exciting time of year, with the holiday season upon us once again.  Dr. Core and our team here at Legacy Dental Group want to express how grateful we are for having you all as part of our dental family.  Our practice thrives because of all of our wonderful patients, and we are honored that continue to choose us to keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

It is because of this that we wanted to improve our patient referral reward system.  In the past, we have been thanking our patients with a $5 Starbucks gift card for referring patients to our office.  But now, we are changing that to a $20 Visa gift card that can be used anywhere.  Not only will the referring patient get a gift card, but that patient making the appointment will receive one as well when they come in for their appointment.

referral card (2)

We have printed up some referral cards that we have available here in the office.  Next time you are in, remember to take a few with you to give out to friends and family.  They are available at the front desk, and in every treatment room here at the office.  Before you give the card to the patient that you want to refer, just write your name on the back of the card so that we can track who to send the gift card to.

If you don’t have an appointment coming up, and would still like to take advantage of this promotion, don’t worry.   Just have the patient that you want to refer mention this referral program when they schedule, and don’t forget to tell them to let us know who referred them, so that we can make sure that the gift card gets to the right place.

If you don’t have an appointment scheduled, now is as good a time as any to call and schedule one.  We do still have some appointments open in December so that you can come in and maximize your insurance benefits before the end of the year when most insurance plans renew.  Once those plans renew at the beginning of the year, those unused benefits are lost, as they do not roll over into the New Year.  Appointments are going fast, so call us today to schedule that appointment so that we can reserve your time.